Community Change Inc. offers public discussions, events and workshops on antiracism related topics as well as serving as a host for local events sponsored by CCI affiliated programs as well as local and regional groups. Events and forums are one of the primary ways CCI serves as a catalyst for antiracist learning and action.

These programs range in size from our monthly Antiracist Lunch Discussions generally attended by 15 – 40 people, to larger events and forums reaching audiences of over 300 people. The events provide opportunities for learning, networking and action on issues of structural racism in Boston and beyond. Occasionally we do host events in Northern New England. Please check our Calendar regularly to find out what our latest offerings are for the month.

The Work

Since 1968, Community Change Inc. has served as a community for white people and their multiracial allies to come together to learn about systemic racism and to fight against it. To dismantle the oppressive ties of whiteness that threatens both white and non-white humanity. Our programming has always had a learning component because learning is central to our core work.

In recent years though, as talk of white privilege and  institutionalized racism has become increasingly mainstream. It is clear that CCI’s role has needed to shift as a new generation of anti racist activists are coming into their own especially in the era of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Recognizing that new technologies allow for anti-racist learning to occur in far more locations than our traditional programming has been able to reach, CCI is moving into the role of a legacy organization supporting the work of emerging white anti-racist activists and groups organizing within the greater Boston area. These groups are official programs and affiliates of CCI that are working hands-on with people to dismantle institutionalized racism. We now call our core programming “The Work” as this is the work that is needed to create the changes that CCI founder Horace Seldon envisioned in 1968. All programs work under the guidance of CCI leadership and are accountable to CCI values and mission as well as making sure that whenever possible they are celebrating and following the leadership of Black and Non-Black People of Color and working together when feasible. While some of the emerging programs are run solely by CCI staff, others are ran with CCI oversight but function autonomously in their day to day operations.

The current list of programming (this list will be updated as new programming comes under our umbrella)

AROS Northern New England- September 2019