Anti-Racism Organizing in Maine AROM Gathering 2021

Community Change, Inc. invites you to come take part in a convening of organizers, activists, leaders, and educators committed to the movement for racial justice in Maine. This is a unique opportunity to deepen in regional anti-racist education, learn from frontline activists, and strengthen our community relationships towards more robust collective action.

Saturday, October 16th


*The ticket fees cover the costs associated with putting on the event, including virtual platform support and a small honorarium to all speakers, panelists, and artists. We are also asking those with the means to engage in class solidarity; by making an additional donation, above the ticket price to ensure that this gathering is available to all.

**No one will be turned away due to a lack of funds or be asked to volunteer. Contact Jake Fahey at for details on obtaining a comp ticket for the day.

Maulian Dana

Keynote Speaker

Tribal Ambassador of the Penobscot Nation

Co-Chair of the Permanent Commission on the status of Indigenous, Ethic, and Maine Tribal Populations

Rep. Rachel Talbot Ross

Keynote Speaker

Assistant Majority Leader Maine House of Representatives


Kate McMahon

Keynote Speaker

Museum Specialist at the National Museum of African American History &

Culture and leads research efforts at the Center for the Study of Global Slavery


Maine Youth Justice

Maine Youth Justice - a campaign fighting to end youth incarceration in Maine

Maine Inside Out

Maine Inside Out - a group led by formerly incarcerated people that activate individuals and communities to imagine and embody freedom through art, advocacy and support, and transformative justice

Racial Equity & Justice

Racial Equity & Justice - a group providing support for all communities across the nation through consulting, education, advocacy, and solution-based action plans in order to better equip individuals, organizations, businesses, and institutions to tackle racial justice issues.

Black P.O.W.E.R.

Black P.O.W.E.R. - a group led by black organizers working to end racism

Mars, Co-Director and founder of Black P.O.W.E.R.

Mariana, Co-Director and founder of Black P.O.W.E.R.


What is Anti-Racism Organizing in Maine (AROM)?

The AROM gathering is an extension of the Antiracism Organizing in the Suburbs (AROS) Project.

While we focus on addressing the fact that racism in this country is a “white problem,” ALL ARE WELCOME to this event, as we need each one of us to build a more liberated nation.

The intention of this event is to move members of predominantly white communities deeper into antiracism organizing. It is our belief that white people are in a unique position to confront and leverage power due to their proximity to power and privilege. Thus, while working toward the upliftment and liberation of BIPOC, white people need to be working together to shift white supremacy culture and institutional racism embedded within society. It is our stance at Community Change Inc. (CCI) that it is not enough for white people to work with people of color and allow them to lead. It is imperative that white folx gain the skills and comfort to work in their own communities; this is a crucial element to bringing about transformative change across systems, and throughout the dominant culture. White people must acknowledge and understand the historic role of radical white anti-racist organizers in their history to build on a lineage of accomplices to a multi-racial struggle for freedom.



Racial Equity Institute New England
The Sewall Foundation
The BTS Center
St. Pauls's Episcopal Church
Night Moves Bread
Southern Maine Conservation Collaborative
Human Rights Commission of South Portland
Maine Initiatives
First Parish Congregational Church