Next Step Organizing Workshop Series 2022

Friday, October 14th

Friday October 21st, Wednesday November 2nd , Wednesday November 16th, Wednesday November 30th, Wednesday December 14th, Friday December 16th

The Next Step Organizing  workshop series was designed to be a follow-up to our 2021 AROM gathering, which grounded local organizing in history and in the tenets of power and policy. In partnership with Resources for Organizing and Social Change (ROSC), this workshop series goes deeper into the how of organizing, with a variety of workshops that allow us to build powerful scaffolding for a liberatory, sustainable, and accessible anti-racist community. The series was designed to serve predominantly white communities within the state of Maine, but open to anyone interested in strengthening their anti-racist organizing muscles.


There were six days of the series totalling 18 hours of online content and 11 workshops with 17 different facilitators. Over 150 people attended the series either live or through recorded content. Participants of the workshop series expanded their anti-racist organizing skills and tools through a wide range of workshop topics. Each topic lended itself toward building a nourishing movement culture from which powerful community formed through relationships. These elements together- culture forming and building power through relationships— form the core of anti-racist organizing.


To grow our abilities in creating inclusive, anti-racist culture, we engaged in workshops mentioned below. We are so excited to build on these learnings to strengthen our communities with the wisdom and expertise of organizers and activists from across the Northeast, as we continue this work into 2023!