Resource Center

The Resource & Communications Center is the heartbeat of CCI. A major function of CCI is serving as a resource to people, organizations, and communities exploring issues of racism, whiteness, diversity and inclusion in fields as diverse as education, organizational development, community building, housing, employment, and criminal justice. Community Change's many resources include:

  • Community connections both locally and nationally which allow us to refer people and organizations to one another with the intent of building relationships and collaborations
  • Library collection –The Yvonne Pappenheim Library is a free lending library of materials about racism and white privilege in the United States. The book collection was established by CCI founder Horace Seldon with the help of Esther Nowell, a volunteer school librarian and Mrs. Harry Elam, formerly a Boston Public School Librarian. In 1990, Yvonne Pappenheim began her volunteer work to maintain and develop the library. In recognition of Yvonne’s inspiration and untiring efforts, CCI named the library after her in 1999.  Patrons can browse our book collection on-site or through our Online Catalog.
  • Email List and Newsletters

Resource Links

We are committed to making our website a resource to individuals and groups wrestling with issues of race, racism, whiteness and white privilege. We invite you to explore these links pages to find information and action opportunities within sectors of the racist systems.