Racial Healing Project

Although the Racial Healing Project (RHP) is CCI’s newest program, it builds off of CCI’s long tradition of organizing White folx in support of progressive, community-based BIPOC organizations. Specifically, this new iteration in CCI’s work integrates lessons learned from Relational Uprising’s approach to developing relational organizing cultures, Leftroots’ approach to political education, and Wealth Reclamation Academy of Practitioner’s (WRAP) resource mobilization, and our own storied history of anti-racist political education.

What is the goal of the RHP?

The goal of the program is to create racial justice practitioners who bring everything they’ve got to support movements for liberation.

This journey requires deep introspection, particularly for white people. It requires work in community to rewire our neurological connections. Neurological rewiring through community is an ancient and deeply human practice, though we don’t usually call it by this name. Without community to support them, white people seeking racial healing often experience existential insecurity, leaving them overwhelmed, anxious, depressed, and/or angry. People in such a state do not develop the capacity to make meaningful change towards racial justice. The RHP seeks to address this challenging dynamic by creating space for people to be held in a loving and challenging community of peers.

In our Racial Healing Project, the multi-racial cross-class family of volunteers, board members, and staff at CCI will engage in training with other leaders in the community to make us all more brave and grounded relational resource mobilizers. These cohorts will then help build infrastructure to increase the capacity of racial justice organizing with partner groups across greater Boston.