As every organization must, CCI continues to evolve in response to the needs of our community. As such, the Board has made a clear and firm commitment to on-the-ground organizing and movement building. With this as the current direction, and given our organizational capacity, we have decided to end our organizational training and consulting program.

This program has been facilitated for over 25 years by former executive director Paul Marcus and former co-director of the Women’s Theological Center, Donna Bivens. Donna and Paul will continue to offer these same services as an independent entity, informed by the spirit of Community Change and the Women’s Theological Center where this work was developed. Their work is also informed by their many years of experience teaching in higher education, leading organizations, community organizing, and by their personal work together as a Black woman and white man.

We thank them for their years of service and look forward to finding new ways to work with them.

Requests for training & consultation

As of January 2021, all requests for training and consultation will be referred directly to Paul Marcus and Donna Bivens with our blessing. You can also reach them directly at: